Friday, April 3, 2009

Lou's Most Excellent Skinny Omelet

I love a runny, egg over easy. The warm yolk covering my eggs and plate are great, especially when you have an ample bread product to mop it all up. Mmmmmm.

Unfortunately a single egg has about 220mg of cholesterol and current guidelines recommend that an adult consume no more than 300mg in a single day.  So, a three egg omelet cooked in butter with ham and cheese served along side a bagel loaded with cream cheese?  Maybe some bacon or sausage for good measure?   Do yourself a favor: don't do the math and just enjoy the glorious moment.

But back to my original recipe here.  I love a runny, egg over easy.  In fact, I like two of them.  Duck eggs preferred (these are WONDERFUL) to tell the truth but they're sometimes hard to find.  So this morning, having woken up with a mild hangover due to two gin & tonics followed by a Lou's Most Excellent Margarita courtesy of Manuel at Guapo's of Tenleytown, I needed help.

I needed eggs.

Here's a great way to get that runny yolk - from one egg - but the fullness of three.  Yes, yes, it's not the same as three whole eggs but it's as close as you might get.

3 eggs
Non-stick spray
Salt & Pepper

Heat a 6" non-stick skillet over medium heat for 5 minutes. Throw a few drops of water in and if they sizzle, you're ready. Give a light coating of non-stick spray, more if your skillet is a little older.

Crack one whole egg into one side of the skillet.  The egg should start to bubble upon hitting the pan.  Crack two egg whites into the other side.

With your spatula, GENTLY move the yolk-containing egg to the center of the pan while tilting in the opposite direction, allowing the runny whites to move to the other side.

Once the white has begun to fully set, break the yolk with your spatula and spread it down the middle of the frying egg.  Fold it along this line like an omelet and serve immediately.

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